High School Senior Parent Prep Kit by Ministry to Parents
Ministry to Parents High School Senior Parent Prep Kit FAQ's
Kickoff Event for Parents and Seniors in High School by Ministry to Parents
Small Group Questions for Parents of Seniors in High School
Notes for High School Seniors by Ministry to Parents
High School Senior Parent Bucket List by Ministry to Parents
College Prep Timeline High School Senior Parent Prep Kit Ministry to Parents
Graduation Planning Timeline High School Seniors Parent Prep Kit Ministry to Parents


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What if you and your church effortlessly planned an ENTIRE YEAR for upcoming Seniors and their parents with just one click? This kit gives you everything you need to easily show them your church cares about this unique rite of passage.

The Parent Prep Kit equips parents of seniors to intentionally and thoughtfully pursue the heart of their child during the last year at home. Give your parents the tools they need to confidently send their student into the world with excitement and hope for the future. 

This kit includes:

  • Graduation Planning Timeline
  • College Prep Timeline
  • Senior Kickoff Event for Seniors and Parents
  • Senior Year Bucket List (Family Style)
  • Encouragement Notes for Seniors
  • 10 Tips for Parents 
  • 10 Life Hacks to Diminish Parents' Senior Year Stress 
  • Small-Group Reflection Questions for Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send this resource to all my parents of seniors? 

Absolutely! Your one-time group-use purchase gives you a license to distribute the material to anyone in your church at any time, print, or electronically.

Can I purchase the kit mid-year? 

Yes. You can adjust the material to fit your needs.

How can I use the material?

  • Host a Senior Kickoff Event
  • Host a 5-Week Small Group for Parents of Seniors
  • Host a Weekend Conference for Parents & Seniors
  • Print the material and give parents a care package

What is the Senior Kickoff Event?

The Senior Kickoff Event comes with speaking notes, parent-senior connection activities, gifts for parents, an event checklist, budget, and reflection questions, if you choose to launch a small group.

Can I customize these files?

The document is a PDF format, so copy and paste the material into a form of your choosing.

Do I have to be a minister or pastor to purchase this item?

No. Anyone can purchase this item to help parents of juniors and seniors in high school.

This product is a download only. Your purchase is for a group-use license and is intended for your organization only. Sharing with others, print or electronic, outside of your organization is prohibited. If you have any questions, email us at info@ministrytoparents.com.


Lead Author: Heather Stoll

Co-Author: Elisabeth Lee

Graphic Design: Deborah Fisher