online teaching series student ministry resources
online teaching series student ministry resources
online teaching series student ministry resources
online teaching series student ministry resources
online teaching series student ministry resources
online teaching series student ministry resources
online teaching series student ministry resources


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This product, like all our products, is a download item.

This resource includes everything you need to host a 4-week teaching series, online or in person, for middle and high school students. 

When using for online youth group we include, How To Teach Online, where we help you make online adjustments step-by-step! With the use of Zoom or other video conferencing apps, you can use the entire teaching series, from the countdown videos to discussion questions. 

The Identity Series includes:

  • 5 Promotional Graphics (1 Series + 4 Sessions)
  • 4 Teaching Sessions Including:
    • Set Design & Theme
    • Countdown Video
    • Poll
    • Text including Tangible Items, Visual Objects, & Key Word Study
    • Reflection
    • Discussion Questions
  • Research Page
  • 4 Parent Emails with Faith-Based Conversation Starters
  • 4 Volunteer Emails with Training Tips
  • Parent Email Header 
  • Volunteer Email Header 
  • 4 Personal Notes & Prayer for the Ministry Leader
Teaching Sessions

The Identity Series, Who Am I?, includes four teaching sessions based on four different Scriptures in Ephesians.

  • I Belong (Ephesians 1:3-6)
  • I Am Powerful (Ephesians 2:1-5)
  • I Am Important (Ephesians 2:4-7)
  • I Am Useful (Ephesians 2:10)

Each session includes the following:

Set Design & ThemeThe set design and theme creates opportunities to invite your students to learn and explore the subject of the session in a unique way.

Countdown VideoThe countdown video is a perfect way to let your students know when you begin. 

PollThis activity sparks engagement with your students and creates interactive opportunities with the session's subject.

TextSpiritual concepts are abstract. Teenagers are just starting to develop their abstract muscle, so we include Tangible Items to make the abstract concrete. Visual objects are the progression between the abstract and concrete. For example, students touch a shoe (tangible or concrete), see a picture of a shoe (less concrete, more abstract), hear the word shoe (abstract). Key Words help you expand the teaching of an abstract concept.

ReflectionThis time allows students to personalize the spiritual concepts as an individual.

Discussion QuestionsThis time allows students to personalize the spiritual concepts as a community.

Research Assistant

As a ministry leader, you have an endless to-do list as you prepare for events, meetings, weekly programming, and relationship-building. It's hard to find time to research and study a text every week. So...we hired a research assistant for you!

Because we believe in giving proper context and research to the Scripture, we provide a Research Page and Key Words prepared by a graduate with a Masters of Divinity in Theology so you can have a good grasp of what you teach. We want you to teach with confidence without spending all your extra time researching.

We also took Key Words from each text and provided definitions from Strong's Concordance. Each keyword is highlighted in bold within the Teaching Sessions. If you feel led to expand on the topic, the Key Words give you the confidence needed to do so.

Personal Notes

This section is made just for you. You are on the front lines of ministry, and we want you to know you are not alone. We care for you as you care for these students.

We combined our study of the text with imagination and wrote A Personal Note. We took this unique and different approach to help you process the Scriptures from cerebral preparation of material to a heart understanding of God's love for you.

Because you are on the front lines, we called upon the Lord to ask for help on your behalf. We prepared three prayers for you during the time you prepare for each session. They are:

  • A Prayer for Me
  • A Prayer for Family
  • A Prayer for the Students 

Promotional Graphics

"Who Am I?" Identity Series includes a graphic to use for promotion. Each session also features a primary graphic for each topic: Belong, Powerful, Important, and Useful.

Parent Email

How do you find time to reach parents when you already juggle planning and recruiting? We have prepared a personalized parent email for each teaching session so you can reach parents without disrupting your busy weekly schedule!

Each email includes the following:

  • Funny parenting meme
  • Parenting tip about raising teenagers
  • The graphic, description, details, and Scriptures from the teaching session
  • 3 questions, connected to the teaching session, to start faith-based conversations with their student
  • Prayer for parents to pray over their student during the Identity Series

Volunteer Email

Recruiting, training, and communicating with volunteers can be a full-time job in and of itself! We provided a volunteer email for each teaching session. Each email includes the following:

  • Funny volunteer meme
  • Training tip on teenagers
  • Training tip on leading discussion times
  • The graphic, description, details, and Scriptures from the current teaching session Discussion questions for the teaching session


What is the Identity Series?

At some point, we all ask the question: Who Am I? When we become aware of the world around us, we try to make sense of our place in it. Am I alone? Do I matter? Is this world too much for me? These questions lead us to search continually for the answers in all sorts of places. In this four-week series based on Ephesians 1-2, we help students discover the answers to these questions.

Can I use this teaching series in the "quarantine ministry era?"

Absolutely! With the use of Zoom or other video conferencing apps, you can use the entire teaching series from the countdown video to discussion questions. 

We even include How To Teach Online where we walk you through step-by-step.

Is there a specific time to teach the series?

The theme is on identity, and the material is evergreen, so you pick the date that works for you.

Do I have to do all the elements of the series?
No. You can pick and choose which ones fit you and your group best.

Is this teaching series for children or youth ministry?

We designed this teaching series for middle and high school students.

If you have any questions, email us at


  • Author: Elisabeth Lee 
  • Editor: Heather Stoll
  • Graphic Design: Deborah Fisher