family ministry conference for children and youth
family ministry conference for children and youth
family ministry conference for children and youth
family ministry conference for children and youth
family ministry conference for children and youth
family ministry conference for children and youth


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This kit gives you everything you need to host a video-based parent conference on how to connect to the soul of your child/teen. You can plan, promote, and pull off an event without the fees for a speaker.

The Kit includes:

    • Session 1 Video: Connecting to Your Kid’s Heart through Relationship (1 Hr.).
    • Session 2 Video: Connecting to Your Kid’s Soul through Spiritual Leadership (1 Hr.).
    • Presentation Slides in Keynote, Powerpoint, and Image files that can be uploaded into other presentation software.
    • Printable Listening Guides to give to parents during the event.
    • Discussion Questions that can be used during the event.
    • Promotional Graphics to help you spread the word about the event.
    • Promotional video that invites parents to attend the seminar.
    • Pre-written text that describes the seminar for use in promotion.
    • Jeremy Lee’s bio and picture for use in promotion.

What Is The Theme Of The Conference?

For years, Jeremy Lee, Founder and Co-Owner of Ministry to Parents, presented parent seminars around the country on the parents leading their kids spiritually. A trend began to form in his discussion with parents after the seminar. They didn’t want to talk about spiritual leadership, but instead, they had other questions.

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These questions are just a few of the things he heard. Before he could ever help parents connect to their kids’ souls through spiritual leadership, he realized he had to help them connect to their kids’ hearts through a healthy relationship.

Jeremy worked to put the material together and then hit the road going to several churches to practice the material and get feedback. After ten years of leading parent seminars, he never had such positive feedback from parents!

So Jeremy recorded the material to make the Heart and Soul Parenting Seminar accessible for everyone anywhere.

How Do I Use This Kit?

  • Host a live parent seminar at your church and play the seminar videos on the screen in the meeting room.
  • Host a virtual parent seminar by playing the videos online.
  • Email the videos to parents and let them watch it on their own schedule. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sample schedule for the seminar?

This is just a suggested schedule. We encourage you to design a schedule that works perfectly for your event.

Welcome and Orientation (5 min)
Prayer Time for Families (10 min)
Session 1 Video (approx. 1 hour)
Snack Break/Bathroom Break (10 min)
Session 2 Video (approx. 1 hour)
Closing Remarks (5 min)

Total Time of Event: 2 hr and 30 min

Is this material for parents of children or teenagers?

Both! Jeremy speaks to the heart of a parent regardless of their student’s age.

When do I hold this event?

This event is one-time only, and you can host it any time that works best for your parents.

Which type of parent does this event reach?

We, at Ministry to Parents, believe there are three types of parents:

  • Parking Lot Parent: Parents drop off, and they don't share a faith.
  • Connected Parent: Parents go to church, share faith, but uncertain how to lead kids.
  • Committed Parent: Parents go to church, share faith, and are motivated to lead but need resources and encouragement.

This event reaches every type of parent.

Do students attend this event?

No. This event is for parents only.

Does the purchase include a Group-Use License?

Yes! You have permission to duplicate for your church only.

We hope the parents in your church love this seminar, and we hope it helps you minister to them in a whole new way! If you have any further questions, please contact us at

This product, like all our resources, is a download item.


Creative Director/ Speaker: Jeremy Lee

Graphic Design: Deborah Fisher

Videographer: Kyle Saunders