family devotionals john new testament children teenagers students
family devotionals john new testament children teenagers students
family devotionals luke new testament children teenagers students
family devotionals luke new testament children teenagers students

JOHN: M2P's FAMILY BIBLE SERIES (Group or Individual)

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I am afraid because I don't know the answers to my kid's questions.

I think my kids will find this boring, annoying, or stupid.

If we start, I don’t think we will finish.

Spiritual conversations can be awkward.

These quotes are a few examples of the fears parents express regarding the struggle to talk about spiritual matters with their kids. To put parents at ease, we designed the M2P Family Bible Series to inspire and encourage spiritual conversations on-the-go or at home.

This product includes:

  • JOHN (Book Summary, Reading Plan, and Family Journals)

BIG QUESTIONS. SIMPLE ANSWERS. is a brief e-book that offers a way to learn the Bible’s Big Story in an easy-to-understand format. It’s so simple that you can share it with your older children and teenagers after reading it! The topics are:

What is the Bible?
Who is God’s Family?

What is the Big Story of the Bible?

Why do we have Four Gospels?


JOHN has three sections.*

Book Summary helps you answer questions and build your confidence as you study John. In two pages, you learn the Setting, Overview, and Theme of the book of John. 

Reading Plan helps you avoid being overwhelmed. It breaks down the Bible into bite-sized pieces that you can enjoy together as a family.

Family Journals help guide the readers’ thoughts through the chapter. Every journal sheet corresponds with a chapter in John and provides space to write (or draw for the little ones), sharing favorite words, and more. This section creates opportunities for spiritual conversations over dinner, at bedtime, or in the car. 


Also, be sure to check out our FAQ's below. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Like all our M2P products, this item is download only.


Creative Directors: Elisabeth and Jeremy Lee

Author: Christi Getzen Schroader

Editor: Heather Stoll

Graphic Designer: Deborah Fisher



I see there are two purchase options. Which one should I choose?

If you purchase the Group License, you have permission to duplicate this product. This option works best for leaders of organizations such as churches or schools. If you are a family, the Individual License works best for you as it is a Single-User only.

Is the Reading Plan dated?

No. We chose an undated reading plan because each family is different. You can choose to work through John as best fits your schedule. Is it dinner each night? Weekends? Find the right time for you.

Is this material for children or teenagers?

Both! We wrote this material for all ages. 

If you have young children, we suggest working together in the journal around dinner time.

If you have teenagers, we recommend offering printouts for an individualized plan, then meet back up at dinner or in the car for spiritual conversations.